Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tattoo fiend

That's right, I am a tattoo fiend. This is a pic I've wanted to do for a while, but my arm hasn't been complete enough, or healed enough for me to take it.

This is my fully coloured in elbow. It hurt like hell to get it done. For those of you thinking of getting a sleeve tattoo, I WILL think less of you if you leave a giant blank spot over the elbow, HOWEVER, be prepared for the elbow to hurt. A lot. My tat artist (the VERY talented James of Permanent Record Tattoo) says I dealt with it well, but he's probably just trying to make me feel better since I'm paying his rent. We go see him regularly... it's like he's becoming part of the family.

And yes, I'm wearing a Permanent Record Tattoo T-shirt. What can I say? Of all the tattoo shops and all the artists I've seen over the years, he's the first artist I've gone back to. Again, and again, and again (with plans for more in the near future....)


  1. I still haven't got the courage to get a tattoo. I hate needles.

  2. And yet you're a nurse... Hmmm...

  3. People always say that but it has no correlation. I'm not receiving the needles, I'm giving them!

  4. So, you're ok with inflicting one of your fears onto others is what you're saying... I can understand that!