Saturday, February 5, 2011

Love Hurts!

So, this is a tattoo weekend for us. Both my hubby and I are getting tattoos that our artist wants to enter into competitions mid-March. Hubby is getting a string of Christmas lights wrapped around his arm (his idea) and a torn comic book page on the back of his shoulder (artist's idea). Today was work on the lights, tomorrow is work on the comic book page. Yup- poor guy is getting tattoo'd twice in as many days.

As I've been getting tattoos for over 10 years now, and this is only his second (and third) tat's, I try to be helpful. Help him wash the tattoo areas he can't reach (such as his back), moisturize the tat for him, even going to far as to making sure he doesn't need to cook the night after a tat session (which trust me- is a big deal for me!!!) The best part about helping him care for his tats? Ripping the bandage off :)

Love hurts!

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