Friday, February 18, 2011

Just In Case

So, I spend Friday nights visiting with my sister and her family. Tonight, the kids were playing with some Lego, and my 7 year old neice was giving all of the Lego men weapons. My sister commented that the girl has gotten on this kick of always arming her Lego Mini-figures. So my neice says "They all need as many weapons as possible...... *insert creepy child whisper here*..... JUST IN CASE!!!!"

I seriously think my neice just gave me nightmares. It was probably the most disturbing thing I've ever heard. I have no idea where she would have picked this up either, because other than being incredibly smart, and therefore being a bit of a know it all who has to win and be right all the time, she's a pretty well rounded well adjusted kid! She doesn't torture their cats anymore than most children torment animals; you know, carrying them improperly and holding them when they would rather be hiding. She's not into scary movies. I mean, Toy Story 3 gave this girl nightmares!!!

And yet here she is, inspiring one of the more creepy photo ops I've done....


  1. Now that I have had the pleasure of viewing your blog of *365* I need to share to date that I have enjoyed your journaling as much as your pictures. I could comment on every one, but I have refrained! By first looking at the picture, a story comes to my mind of what you are portraying, then I read the journal that accompanies it, and my eyes are opened even wider! Brilliant!!

  2. Thanks A :) Its a lot more challenging than I thought doing a new self portrait every day. My creativity is being put to the test, that's for sure!