Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Far too early to be going to work if you ask me... but the traffic is light, and on a normal day it means I'm finished work by 3pm... ok, so today wasn't normal, and I wasn't out of there until shortly after 4... but still... the intention is there.

Photo taken 14 September 2011

Things that go Bump in the Night Part 2

This is another case of being almost asleep, and suddenly waking up and screaming "PHOTO!!!" Just like how the Mom in the Home Alone movies wakes up screaming "KEVIN" when she realizes they've left their son behind.

Similar to this post from August 3.

This photo was taken 13 September 2011

Pretty in Pink

Photo taken 12 September 2011

Wonder Woman

The ultimate Gender Blend!

Photo taken 11 September 2011

Train of Thought

After much whining, and much waiting, I FINALLY had an entire weekend off, and we used it to FINALLY go to the BC Forest Discovery Center. It was pretty awesome. I rode a steam train.

Photo taken 10 September 2011

Friday Night Beer Goggles

So, I totally don't drink beer. And I very VERY rarely drink. But I was having fun playing with the empties.

Photo taken 9 September 2011


My feet were hurting. So Hubby drew lightening bolts on them. That tickled like crazy. So I took a photo.

Photo taken 8 September 2011


Ever have a day where you're just feeling awkward in your own skin? Where you feel out of sorts, perhaps a little clumsy and gangly?

Photo taken 7 September 2011

Five More Minutes!!

I didn't realize how bad my theme of being tired lately is until I started posting tonight... when looking at them all at once, ya.... apparently I'm quite sleepy lately.

Photo taken 6 September 2011

Climbing Up in the World

Some stairs near our house.

Photo taken 5 September 2011

Cousin It

I seem to have developed a lot of hair

Photo taken 4 September 2011

Is it Contagious?!?!?

I've already told you- been pretty busy lately, which results in being rather tired.

Photo taken 3 September 2011


Hanging out.

Photo taken 2 September 2011


What do you do with Bubble Bath?

Photo taken 1 September 2011


Ok, so I've been extremely negligent at updating this lately. As usual, I'm taking the photos, just never doing anything with them. This pic shows about what I've been up to after work. Work has been crazy busy, and Hubby and I are putting in a lot of overtime- which is good as we're saving for a house, but it's exhausting. So when we get home from work, I pretty much shower, and watch tv.

Photo taken 31 August 2011

Eye See You

Photo taken 30 August 2011