Sunday, November 6, 2011

Alarm Clock

Huh? How early is it??? Why are you waking me up?

Photo taken 5 Nov 2011


Photo taken 4 November 2011

Moustache Season

More Movember.

Help me out by checking out my Mo Space Page and making a donation

Photo taken 3 Nov 2011


That's right folks, I'm "growing" a moustache for Prostate cancer.

Care to help me out? Make a donation at

Photo taken 2 Nov 2011

Cold Feet

Photo taken 1 Nov 2011


Happy Halloween!

Photo taken 31 Oct 2011

Oh Hungry?

I can't finish that statement for copyright reasons, but you get the idea.

Photo taken 30 October 2011

Do the Batusi!

Photo taken 29 Oct 2011

Boxed In

Moving Madness

Photo taken 28 Oct 2011

How do you Measure Up?

It's employee review time at work....

Photo taken 27 Oct 2011


Photo taken 26 Oct 2011

Treasure Chest

Photo taken 25 Oct 2011


Photo taken 24 Oct 2011

Still Closeted

I have a fascination with clothing... and own a lot of it.

Photo taken 23 Oct 20121


Photo taken 22 Oct 2011

Back int he Closet

I'm going to miss my walk-in closet when we move into the new house...

Still totally worth it though.

Photo taken 21 Oct 2011

Crash Landing

Photo taken 20 October 2011

It's a busy month...


Photo taken 19 Oct 2011

Front to Back

Photo taken 18 October 2011


Showing off a little leg

Photo taken 17 Oct 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

This is my EMO look

Photo taken 16 Oct 2011


I am the only person I know who has kennel trained my cat. He sleeps in kitty jail every night.

Photo taken 15 Oct 2011

What'cha doing?

So, what's going on in your corner of the world?

Photo taken 14 Oct 2011

Sock Puppet Masterpiece Theater

The best part about folding laundry? Sock puppets.

Photo taken 13 Oct 2011

Who? ME?

Photo taken 12 Oct 2011

Puppet Master

Photo taken 11 Oct 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

If you stand in just the right spot in my in-law's guest room, it's like you're in a crowd all by yourself.

Photo taken 10 Oct 2011

Little Piece of Paradise

In the midst of shambles, it's nice to find a little piece of paradise to imagine something better.

Photo taken 9 Oct 2011


Showing off my bald spot. I was born with a horn, and it's the scar from having it surgically removed. Or it's where I plug in at night to recharge... you decide.

Photo taken 8 Oct 2011

MY BED!!!!

Just playing with the dog.

Photo taken 7 Oct 2011

Long Weekend Awaits

Photo taken 6 Oct 2011 Packing for a long weekend trip to see family for Thanksgiving