Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Blog!!!

So, I've started a second blog as a way to showcase all of the artistic things my hubby dearest does.

Dudes of Cube

Cube Dudes (the paper action figures he builds) are now officially for sale exclusively at Cherry Bomb Toys

Check back on the NEW blog for regular updates on which Cube Dudes he's working on, which ones are currently for sale (all are limited editions), and what's new in the land of arts and crafts for Bill.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Personality and Pigeonholes

As a queer individual, I'm a firm believer in all of the colours of the rainbow. I like the concept of life being a colour spectrum; able to blend seamlessly from one to another, while taking into account everything in between. Recently our company underwent a "Colours Seminar" as a way to help define each person's personality and help build constructive communication amongst people. Now, maybe it's because I've spent years of my life surrounded by the rainbow of queer culture, or maybe it's just because I'm a rationale thinker, but I already knew that people are different, so they have different communication styles. Then again, I guess part of the spectrum is that some people are idiots and need to have it explained to them.


Two people will interpret the exact same lecture in very different ways. So I didn't really think that the company needed to spend money on hosting this seminar (which by the way was mandatory for all staff- thus COMPLETELY screwing up the production schedule and putting excess stress on operators already on a tight timeline).

I find it difficult to accept that people can be pigeonholed into one of four distinct personality categories (in this case they were titled by colours- Blue, Green, Gold, and Orange). True, the assesment showed that we're all a blend of all 4, it's just how dominant one or another colour is... but I still find it a little insulting somehow.

The "self assesment" to determine which colour you are was questionable... At one point the Seminar Facilitator (for lack of a better term) said that "Perception is reality. How someone perceives your communication is the reality of who you are to that person," yet then went on at a later point to explain how SOME people will use their secondary (2nd most dominant colour) as a "mask" if they are afraid to show their "true" colour.

Wait a minute- if another person's perception of me is indeed the reality of who I am according to that person, how can I be wearing a mask and "really" be someone else? I thought who I am is based on how other's perceive me. You can't have it both ways.

Isn't it possible that my "self assessment" of myself is really who I wish I was, not who I actually am? Could I be writing down the answers I want to be true, when in fact how I'm perceived is completely different? And when it comes to facilitating harmonious work relationships, isn't how I'm perceived the root of any friction I cause (I'll admit- I'm perceived as a bit of a bitch. Probably because I'm right all of the time and stand up for myself. In the interest of professional advancement I'm working on that... the being perceived as a bitch part at least).

It also got me thinking of how subjective our interpretations of the personality traits are. For example, in a list of words "open-minded/spontaneous," I identify with open-minded, but I am NOT a spontaneous person. How about the phrase "fun loving?" Of course I love to have fun, but how I define fun is very different from how others define it. Fun for me is a good book I can't put down. Board games with my sister. A quiet night watching my spouse play video games. Others would think I'm totally lame, but seriously, I live for the quiet peaceful moments. Or how about "family values?" How do YOU show that you value your family? Showing respect for your elders by doing your duty to care for them in their old age? Working 12-14 hours a day to bring home enough money to provide the best schools, the best toys, and anything else your children could ever buy? Are you into "tough love" or "give them everything I lacked?"


But it got me thinking of all of the other "personality profile assessments" out there. Some are legit... some are questionable. I've taken quite a few in my life (despite my dislike of pigeonholes and labelling), and I almost always felt as though I was the square peg they were trying to force into a round hole. Funny, that literally used to be my job at this company up until I transferred last spring. There's the fully recognized Myers-Briggs assessments, as well as the BSRI to help determine people's gender roles. I'll admit, I've taken the BSRI many times online or out of my Gender Studies text book, and gotten a different answer every time.

So- what's your take on personality assessments?  Are they linked to culture? Gender? Are they Pop-psychology fluff? Do they account for the wonderful myriad of people that make up this crazy world and build understanding, or do they over-simplify and create fissures and fractures?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

No more

Well, there you have it folks. A year in the life of me.

This pretty much says it all.

Photo taken 16 January 2012

Party Prep

Birthday Party Goody Bags: candy, lego minifigs, and temporary tattoos!

Photo taken 15 January 2012

Well Whadd'ya know

Photo taken 14 January 2012

Catching Snowflakes

I actually love how this photo turned out.

Photo taken 13 January 2012


Time to paint my nails.

Photo taken 12 January 2012

Howdy Pardner!

Photo taken 11 January 2012

Yellow Ducky

Photo taken 10 January 2012


Photo taken 9 January 2012


Ok, so I missed a day. And not just in the photography project, but in general. I was SICK. And when I woke up somewhat not sick (at least able to open my eyes without vomiting), it was already 3am the next day. So I snapped this photo.

Photo taken 3:41 am 9 Jan 2012

Early Birthday gift

My auntie gave this to me as an early birthday gift. It's appropriate.

The funny thing is my Mom also gave me jewelery for my birthday- a delicate little butterfly necklace.

Just shows the contrasts in my personality I guess.

Photo taken 7 January 2012

Here Comes the AIRPLANE!!!

Photo taken 6 January 2012

Junk Munchies

Looking for some junk food to snack on.

Photo taken 5 January 2012

Cat Love

Get more!

Photo taken 4 January 2012

Mad Dash Crochet

So in amongst all the insanity, I tried to crochet gifts for my neices. One got hers for Christmas, the other was planned for her birthday. I didn't make it in time, so we ended up buying her something, but here is me, trying to finish.

Photo taken 3 January 2012

the Toymaker

Got an elf for Christmas...

Photo taken 2 January 2012

Nerd Alert!

Yes, that is lightsaber lip gloss. And yes, it's Mace Windu's light saber.

Photo taken 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Ringing in the new year with Sugar!

Photo taken 31 December 2011

Pros and Cons

Photo taken 30 December 2011


Photo taken 29 December 2011

Hard Core

Nothing says hard core like toesy socks with "bad to the..." and a flaming skull on them.

Thanks to my nephew for this great Christmas gift!

Photo taken 28 December 2011

Apparently I've made so many posts today that the system thinks I'm a robot...

New Toy!

Boxing Day shopping got me a new Blackberry Playbook. I must say, I love it!

Photo taken 27 December 2011

Boxing Day

Sooo Tired from the aforementioned Road Trip and Christmas festivities

Photo taken 26 December 2011


My hubby got me a swanky flash for my camera!

Photo taken 25 December 2011

Home again

Sooooo Tired!!!!

Day 4: Abbotsford to Victoria.

4pm, 20(ish) guests arrive at my house for Christmas dinner. Soooo tired from the road trip.

Photo taken 24 December 2011


Day 3 of trip: Attend funeral.

Drive from Burns Lake back to Abbotsford in 11+ hours again (1pm-just before 1am). If you know the terrain, you'll know how much my brother was speeding.

Photo taken 23 December 2011

Road Trip

Can you find me?

Road Trip leg 2- Abbotsford to Burns Lake (in 11 hours... with a toddler).

Photo taken 22 December 2011

Life throws curveballs

And here is where Christmas got shot to shit.

This is me, on the ferry, heading away from home after work on Dec 21st. My grandpa has just passed away, and I need to get from Victoria BC to Burns Lake BC, and back in time for Christmas Eve dinner. Thankfully I'm not alone as I was able to travel with my sister.

Let's do this. Leg 1: Victoria to Abbotsford BC to spend the night at my brother's house.

Photo taken 21 December 2011.

Our house

Notice we did have time to get lights up... not as many as we will next year, but at least enough to not be the scrooge house on the block!

Photo taken 20 December 2011

Man of Steel

I just like the reflections in this one.

Photo taken 19 December 2011


Digging through the box of presents, wrapping them up to go under the tree.

Photo taken 18 December 2011


We get our own community paper. And you know what that means? We get our own flyers for which store has which sale on. No more stealing off of my sister!

Photo taken 17 December 2011. One month to go folks!!!

Party Time

All dressed up for the company Christmas party. I'm quickly realizing how vastly uncomfortable I am in looking "like a girl."

Photo taken 26 December 2011

Tis the Season

I had to buy Candy Canes just to hang a few on the tree, all because I was craving one. We still have a few kicking around....

Photo taken 15 December 2011

Dishwasher how quickly I miss you

I hate doing dishes. A lot. And our dishwasher doesn't have the proper adapters for it, so we can't even use it.

Photo taken 14 December 2011

Let the Decorating begin!

Way later on Christmas decorations than normal, but hey, we had just moved!!!

Photo taken 13 December 2011


I can finally have my saw on display. This was my mother-in-law's saw, given to her by her father. It's become one of my most treasured possessions, and it now resides in my library.

Photo taken 12 December 2011


I picked out the new lights for outside our front door.

Photo taken 11 December 2011


Can YOU curl your tongue?

Photo taken 10 December 2011

Privacy Please!!!

Just because I promised to show you my new house doesn't mean you get to see EVERYTHING!!!

Photo taken 9 December 2011


It's blurry because I'm so wicked fast at my chin ups. Yup- Bad ass. See?

Photo taken 8 December 2011

Wampa Love

I can totally choke out this Wampa. Just watch. I'm bad ass like that.

Photo taken 7 December 2011

Look! An Adult sized Bed!

We bought a queen sized bed to go with the new house. Now all of our cool Superman and Batman bedding doesn't fit :(

Photo taken 6 December 2011

Wait... there's more?

Ok... I have a library... now what? Oh, there's more house out there?

Photo taken 5 December 2011

Library Evolution #2

Didn't take me very long to unpack my books and settle in for something to read!!!

Photo taken 4 December 2011

Library Evolution #1

I now have a library. Or at least a room designated to become a library.

Photo taken 3 December 2011

Moving Madness

We moved over 3 days. This was the end of the 2nd.

Photo taken 2 December 2011


Possession date for our new house! WHEEE! All the saving and scimping and bitching about saving and scrimping has paid off.

Photo taken 1 December 2011