Monday, July 25, 2011

Hello Jello

Photo taken 25 July 2011

And I've realized that my halfway mark passed completely unnoticed. THIS POST from last week was my 182nd photo. 365 / 2 = 182.5, so everything after this photo is officially the second half of the project. WOHOOO!!!

My loving and supportive sister bought me a super cool Lego set (an alien spaceship that abducts people) to celebrate my 29 and a half birthday (and hence the 6month halfway mark of the project), but gave it to me early, so when the halfway day actually came, it also went without notice.

Thanks to everyone for the support so far. It's definitely been a challenge, but I'm still sticking with it, so here's to another 183 (actually less now....)

Yes I Am

Photo taken 24 July 2011


I just liked the backdrop. Especially as this a few meters over is a part of the building that burnt down to nothing.

Photo taken 23 July 2011

The Other Side of Gender Schmender

Photo taken 22 July 2011

So, after doing these 2 photos, I had a gender WIN moment, and a gender LOSE moment, both with online registration for stuff.

The good news goes to Google+. A friend invited me to it, so I'm testing it out. Too early to tell if I like it or not, but I was quite pumped that when creating your online profile, when it asked to select gender I was given 3 options: male, female, and OTHER!!! What a breath of fresh air that was!!! I know in the earlier days of facebook, back when I joined, you weren't forced into choosing a gender, so I never have, but I've heard that they've since changed that. So- cheers to a social networking site that is trying to recognize that gender is not an either/or category!!

The bad news goes to Chapters/Indigo books. I love books. I buy books often. Since I got my eBook reader, I've bought fewer paper books, so my Chapters discount card has since expired. If you're a book lover, you know the one I'm talking about: you pay an annual fee and get coupons and a percentage discount off of everything. It seems they've changed their rewards program to offer a 2-tiered reward system. They jacked up the price of the annual fees for the card in order to get the discounts in-store and online, plus they now offer reward points. Then they added a second free card which offers a smaller percentage discount online only, but the same points rewards.

I've never been a big fan of points rewards cards. They're marketing surveys badly disguised at an attempt to buy your loyalty with outrageous points redemption prices.

In filling in the online stuff for the free card (hey- a discount on books is more money in my mortgage fund), they told me I HAD to choose a gender (M/F) and input my age (D/M/Y). They did have a "why do we need this" box next to it, so I clicked it. Apparently they need my gender (which their options don't allow for my gender) and age so that they can customize their advertising to my interests.


How the heck does my age and gender relate to what I like to read about? I like to READ. STUFF. End of story. I can't even begin to categorize my library, as I have so many genres that really I think it transcends the bits between my legs and the number of days since I evacuated the womb.

My sad confession? I did break down and select my age and the biological gender (it's habit to always select F, but one of these days I'll break and select M.... neither one is true so why not mix it up a bit?). All for a 5% savings on some books.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stand Up

Gender Schmender. I wish I had darker leg hair for this pic.

Photo taken 21 July 2011

My Cat, the Suck

My emotionally sucky cat, who has been crying for attention (literally) and weaving between my feet non-stop since I got home from holidays. His voice is getting raw. And that's with me paying as much attention to him as I can.

Photo taken 20 July 2011


After my first day back to work after vacation, I just didn't have the energy for a creative self portrait. I actually almost forgot to take one before heading to bed. Thankfully I didn't, as this photo marks 184 out of 365- I'd hate to screw it up now.

Photo taken 19 July 2011

Driving (Again)

This is the day we drove home. Since beginning our journey just over a week earlier we drove:

Day 1: Victoria to McLure (just north of Kamloops on Hwy 5). This after working a full day.
Day 2: McLure to Red Deer.
Day 3: Nowhere.
Day 4: Red Deer to Edmonton.
Day 5: Edmonton to Jurrasic Forest and back to Ed.
Day 6: Around Edmonton (West Ed, Whyte Ave, etc)
Day 7: Edmonton to Drumheller to Dinosaur Provincial Park (approx 40k North of Brooks, AB)
Day 8: Dinosaur Park to Brooks and back (needed food)
Day 9: Blessedly nowhere
Day 10: Dinosaur Park to McLure
Day 11: Nowhere
Day 12: McLure to Victoria.

It was a fun trip, but a lot of time spent in the truck. Thankfully, I love my truck.

Photo taken 18 July 2011

City Kid visits The Farm

I recognize that I'm a city kid. And this picture shows it.

Photo taken on my parents' farm 17 July 2011

Morning Glory

6:30am. What could be a better way to wake up?

The pyramid at the base of the photo is my feet all rug-slugged up in my sleeping bag.

Photo taken 16 July 2011

Sunset in the Park

Another totally unplanned shot. I love the sun shining through my hair though. Wow- that sounds conceited, but it's true. I guess that makes me conceited. I can live with that.

Photo taken 15 July 2011

Wide Open Spaces

Alberta's Badlands. WOW! This was at the entrance to Dinosaur Provincial Park. Again, just go. We camped here for 3 days and (minus the mosquitos) it was AMAZING. So beautiful. So much neat stuff to see and do.

Photo taken 14 July 2011

Take Time to Reflect

This has quickly become my favourite photo of the 365 project (I know, I say that a lot). This wasn't even what I was planning for my self portrait that day. I had already taken my self portrat photo- this was spur of the moment uninhibited shutter-bug-ness. I was about to call it shutter-buggery... but somehow that sounded wrong.

This was taken inside the Royal Tyrell Museum. If ever you get the opportunity, GO! Well worth the admission price. It's one of my favourite museums of all time.

Photo taken 13 July 2011

The Tourist

Wandering Whyte Ave in Edmonton

Photo taken 12 July 2011

Getting Eaten Alive


At the Jurrasic Forest just outside of Edmonton.

Photo taken 11 July 2011

Alien Cat Edition

Meet Frankie- the antithesis of my cat Clark.

Photo taken 10 July 2011


The start of our Adventure- a friend's wedding. The fans were one of the wedding favours. Needless to say I couldn't pass up to comemorate the day with a 365 photo.

Photo taken 9 July 2011.

Congratulations to Dan and Patti!

I'm sick

After driving for close to 10 hours in the pouring rain (and snow through parts of the Rockies) we arrive to more pouring rain. The plan was to cheap out and tent in a buddy's backyard, but it between my growing sore throat, aches and chills, and the icky weather, we opted for a hotel.

Photo taken 8 July 2011.

And We're OFF

Heading out of town on an Adventure.

Photo taken 7 July 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


After an hour spent trying to upload ONE photo that I took on my holidays, I give up. Blogger and I are not getting along tonight it seems. Actually my computer is acting slow even just for transferring and organizing all 750 of my vacation photos, so it appears that nothing is getting done tonight. Sorry folks- I tried. It seems you'll have to wait another day to get caught up. Some of them are pretty amazing too. Just saying... not to brag or anything. Ok- I'm blatantly bragging in the hopes you'll come back, and tell all of your friends about the amazing photos you expect to see in the near future. But for tonight, no pictures will be loaded.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Just being a bit silly while I get ready.

Tomorrow we leave for our holidays. Just over a week of visiting with friends, attending a wedding, and sleeping with dinosaur bones. I can't WAIT! Road trip!!! Which means no blog updates for a while, but there will be lots of new pics when I do!

Photo taken 6 July 2011

Countin' Flowers on the Wall

This song is insanely catchy. I know this is a remake, and the original by the Statler Brothers is amazing, but this one the video is much more visually interesting.

So with this song in my head for DAYS on end, I give you:

I have other plans inspired by this song... I've just been too busy this week getting ready for our vacation. HURRAH VACATION!!!

Photo taken 5 July 2011

Civic Duty

This is me, mailing off my ballot for the HST referendum :)

It also marks the fact that the postal strike is over (although that's been a few days now).

Photo taken 4 July 2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tummy Troubles

So, after a long day of baking in the sun, I ate a dinner of salad... only to find I had an upset tummy. Having not yet done my pic of the day, I lay on the couch groaning. Finally I decided to just draw a sad face on my tummy. Unfortunately, I can't operate a camera very well, as the only pics that showed the entire sad face were fuzzy and out of focus, and by the time I noticed I had already scrubbed my tummy clean.

Yup- nothing about my tummy is working right tonight. I'm going back to the couch to drink more water and nurse my sunburn (slight though it is).

Photo taken 3 July 2011

Pucker UP!

I am a chapstick addict. Not the brand- but lip glosses and medicated lip stuff.... I can't go more than a few hours without it. It's an obsession. If ever you want to give me a cheap "just because you're you" gift, quickly lip gloss thingys are awesome. Glittery ones, flavoured ones... they're all good. Of course I have my favourites, but very rarely have I ever found any I didn't like.

Photo taken 2 July 2011

Tired Eyes

After a long day of looking girly, my eyes are killing me. Nothing feels better than washing all of that artiface off and just going back to being me.

Photo taken 1 July 2011.

Happy Birthday Canada!!!


Yaaaaaa..... the best and worst of me in this project. Today happens to be one of the worst.

Photo taken 30 June 2011