Thursday, July 21, 2011

Driving (Again)

This is the day we drove home. Since beginning our journey just over a week earlier we drove:

Day 1: Victoria to McLure (just north of Kamloops on Hwy 5). This after working a full day.
Day 2: McLure to Red Deer.
Day 3: Nowhere.
Day 4: Red Deer to Edmonton.
Day 5: Edmonton to Jurrasic Forest and back to Ed.
Day 6: Around Edmonton (West Ed, Whyte Ave, etc)
Day 7: Edmonton to Drumheller to Dinosaur Provincial Park (approx 40k North of Brooks, AB)
Day 8: Dinosaur Park to Brooks and back (needed food)
Day 9: Blessedly nowhere
Day 10: Dinosaur Park to McLure
Day 11: Nowhere
Day 12: McLure to Victoria.

It was a fun trip, but a lot of time spent in the truck. Thankfully, I love my truck.

Photo taken 18 July 2011

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  1. I like how you said Brooks like people know where that is! LOL Only if you are from AB.