Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Ghost in the Darkness

So, this pic is a 2 part explanation...

The first being, WHEE SNOW!!!!! So, I live in Victoria... and we usually don't get much snow throughout the winter. Or any at all. And to get over a foot at the end of February is just unheard of. So of course I had to take full advantage of it for my 365 pic tonight. For some reason, I'm totally loving the snow right now (usually I hate cold, and wet, and especially a combination of the two).

The second I hinted at a bit in yesterday's post. I was playing around with night photos yesterday too, and (completely by accident) discovered how to make myself look like a ghost. Since my pic yesterday like that didn't work out as my hubby was busy texting away in the background, I decided to replicate it tonight.

So there you go- I've learned something new. Now I need to go thaw my feet out and enjoy a nice hot cup of tea :)

1 comment:

  1. It's like where's waldo! I can't believe you are happy about snow. Actually I'd rather have snow than rain. It's the cold I don't like.