Saturday, March 17, 2012

Survey Time

One of the awesome blogs I follow, Neutrois Nonsense, is asking for non-binary folks to fill out a brief survey on their experiences so that the blog master extraordinaire may build a site to help build the community, specifically with resources for those who wish to transition. Its difficult enough for trans folks to access the resources required for transition, even more so for non-binary trans* folks.

That blog has been pivotal in my own self acceptance and realization (along with learning that there is indeed a vocabulary for all the non gendered thoughts and concepts in my brain), so I encourage you to go check out eir blog.

And if you happen to also be non binary identified, I encourage you to fill out eir Survey.

Remember, community can only happen if we ourselves build and maintain it. So lets help build this so that we all may benefit from it.


  1. Hello, Meike of Genderweird here!

    I filled out the survey. =] And I hear you on everything you're saying about Neutrois Nonsense, Maddox has been hugely helpful and inspirational to me over the past year or two as I've been figuring out my gender stuff.

    1. Welcome to my little corner of the web :) And yes, Maddox and eir blog are pretty much amazing. I'm not sure if ey realize just how big of an impact ey are having in the world, but I for one am grateful that ey have so openly shared eir experiences.