Thursday, January 13, 2011


Science day. Actually it was Special Person day today for my niece. Her kindergarten class does it: every week a different student is the "special person," and they get their parents to do something special for the class. My brother in law is a chemistry science nerd, so Science day in the kindergarten class. I came along to take pictures. Best reason to take a day off of work yet- to blow up a garbage can! By the way- this particular explosion split the garbage can from top to bottom. This is by far my favourite picture of the event.

So, I've alluded to a photography project I have in mind for why I started this blog. Since the project will be an ongoing thing for the next year, I'll take this opportunity BEFORE I start to explain what I'm doing.

For one year, I'll be taking a self portrait a day, and uploading the pictures (maybe not getting them uploaded the day I take them... but I'll try). I plan on starting on my 29th birthday, and stopping the day before I turn 30. That's right, I'm going to document my last year in my 20's.

But it's not just documentation. I'll be exploring different aspects of my personality through photography, as well as exploring different photographic techniques. I'm a VERY amateur photographer. I got my camera for Christmas just over a year ago and fell in love with it, and have been teaching myself how to use it with the help of the "Canon Xsi for Dummies" manual. I highly recommend that book if you're a newbie like me- it dumbed it down enough that now I actually understand the basic jargon used!

So many people claim to be "lost" and need to "find themselves" when they embark on an adventure. I have NEVER felt that way. Yes, I'm going to be exploring more of myself, good and bad. But that doesn't mean I feel as though I don't know myself already and am lost. Will I learn new things about me? Most likely. Mostly, I'm just letting the project take me where it will.

"Let's go, following whatever way the wind blows
Flying with our hands out of the windows
We didn't even see the dust."

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  1. I'm sure your work appreciated you taking the day off for your explosion(s), this time.

    ;) Patti