Friday, January 28, 2011

'Cause we got a little Convoy, Rockin through the night!

So, my dad is a truck driver. Has been one all of my life. Has been one most of HIS life. My older brother graduated high school and followed in Dad's footsteps. So I've always had an affinity for the big rigs. Country music seems to run through my veins (along with a lot of other genres, lol). Paul Brandt, well, he's where it's at for me with country music. And him re-doing the song Convoy, made my day (mind you this was years ago- I'm not just learning of this song now).

A few years back I used to perform as a drag king. For those of you who don't know, a drag king is similar to a drag queen, but where queen's are female impersonators, kings are (you guessed it) male impersonators. I enjoyed the ability to play with gender roles and gender presentations. One song that I ALWAYS wanted to use in a performance, but never got the chance, was Convoy. Only I didn't want to do it true to the lyrics. Oh no, I'm not so boring as that. I wanted to portray a bunch of boys playing in a sandbox with their toy trucks. Because that's much how I feel about the big rigs out there. I still feel like the 6 year old boy in absolute awe of his dad's big rig truck. I remember when I was 18 spending a summer afternoon bonding with my dad helping him polish up the rims and fuel tanks on his trailer (for a dad who didn't want to admit his youngest daughter was a tomboy- this was progress for us).

And so, since I never got to use this song as part of a drag king performance, I used it as inspiration for this photo. Here I am, playing with my nephew's cars and trucks, setting up my convoy to drive through town.

"Breaker 1-9, this here's the Rubber Duck!"

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