Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Observation of the day

A few weeks ago I painted my nails a beautiful dark sparkly blue colour. And it drove me nuts. Every time I caught sight of my nails, it irritated me. My hands weren't my own.

Right now it is Movember- a month where men grow mustaches to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer. I don't have the genetics to grow a mustache, so I'm improvising: I'm wearing a fake mustache every day this month to support our company team. And when I catch my reflection in the mirror, it doesn't faze me.

I know it can be argued (and has been) that nail polish is not just for girls, and facial hair is not just for men. But these things are still predominantly perceived as "gender indicators" to society at large: you know, the things that trumpet to the world around you what your gender is. 

And my dysphoria rears it's head when I see nail polish, but not a mustache on myself.

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  1. A post!! Don't forget to spam us with your Movember fundraising page. Tell you what, I'll stop tweezing my facial hair this month in support of the campaign ;) Unlike you, I really don't want to be sporting a mustache by the 30th so really, this is asking a lot of me... to each their own!