Sunday, April 24, 2011

ABC, 123!!!

My good friend had this up on her blog, and I thought it was kinda fun. I don't normally take part in these things, but why not? Give my readers (all 2 of you, lol) something besides a pictures to look at
A. Age: 29
B. Bed size: Double. Fits us both, but apparently I say that because I'm a bed hog.
C. Chore you dislike: DISHES. And cooking. Pretty much anything kitchen related actually.
D. Dogs: Duke as a child, Indiana when I moved out on my own. Right now- don't have one, but can't wait to buy a house so we can get one. 
E. Essential start to your day: Like millions of others- COFFEE. 
F. Favorite color: Green. Olive green actually. Which is kinda horrible considering the number of years I spent in old-school Canadian Army uniforms.
G. Gold or silver: Silver. 
H. Height: 168cm according to my driver's licence. 
I. Instruments you play(ED): ummm... as a little kid I tinkered around with Organ, but never took formal lessons, and never got very far. My dad is musical- not a talent he passed on to me. 
J. Job title: Technology Transfer Technician. I'm the "development" portion of "Research and Development" in a Technology company :) 
K. Kids: HELL NO! At least none of my own. Neices and nephews are fine, but kids make me uncomfortable. 
L. Live: At home. 
M. Mom’s name: Mom
N. Nicknames: Oh so many. Gee is my current favourite, although I'm not sure if it counts as a nick-name if it's my initial. 
O. Overnight hospital stays: Nope
P. Pet peeves: Being late. Lies.
Q. Quote from a movie: This one is actually pretty tough. I can't say I can think of any.  
R. Righty or Lefty: Righty.
S. Siblings: 2 sisters, 1 brother
T. Time you wake up: 5:45 am
U. Underwear: I wear all styles, but my faves are men's boxer briefs (specifically the ones I'm wearing in today's 365 pic)
V. Vegetables you don’t like: Beans. Can't stand them. In any form. And olives. Again- any form. 
W. What makes you run late: I try to never do this. Years in the military combined with the genetics passed down from my grandfather- I'm usually a half hour early for everything and begin to hyperventilate if I'm less than 5 minutes early. 
X. X-rays you’ve had: Chest. 
Y. Yummy food you make: Ummm- this goes back to the "chores you hate" list... I tend to avoid making food.
Z. Zoo Animal Favorites: Giraffes and Lions

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  1. LOL I love that sentence: I tend to avoid making food. ME TOO.
    I know what you mean about hyperventilating if being less than 5 minutes early. My mom always made sure we were at least 15-30 minutes early. I am always at least 10-15 minutes early.